Before capturing your story, here's a little about me!

I started capturing love stories about five years ago. It started with capturing friends around me in different seasons of live with their partner. Then I was asked to do a wedding shoot. In undergrad I studied documentary filmmaking and photography, which lead me to have a passion for preservation. Moments We Share was my dream to help others preserve their memories. I am so grateful to experience seeing so many love stories!

I am hoping one day to be an archivist. Just as my passion lies in preserving photographs, videos, and the rich tapestry of family stories, I believe in the profound significance of safeguarding the narratives that shape our cultural legacy. Through meticulous curation and preservation, I aim to not only protect these precious artifacts but also to ensure that the invaluable stories they encapsulate endure for generations to come. In my pursuit of archiving, I find a profound resonance with the essence of my goal, as I recognize the inherent power of every image, every frame, and every personal account in preserving the intricate threads of human experiences.